Eco-Care Innovators in engineering plastics recovery


Recovery of thermoplasts from composite production waste

Core business of ECRS is to handle complex waste structures and to separate plastics and duroplasts from each other. Various techniques have been developed in the past and are being used to serve the ever growing needs for upcycling of hybrid (waste) structures.

Development of recycling processes

The knowledge of recycling processes and techniques are used in new business industries, other than Automotive. In cooperation with our customers, processes and techniques are adapted and used to recover plastics from production waste. This has lead to several Cradle to cradle concepts and implementations.

Development and implementation of upcycling processes at customers location

Depending on the type of waste and the volumes that are being offered, economics of the projects require a recovery of the waste stream at the customer’s location. ECRS offers turn-key solutions including equipment and personnel.

Partner in design for recycling

Industries today invite ECRS to participate in discussions on how to build and combine materials that ultimately allow the customer to reuse their materials once their products have reached their end of life