Eco-Care Innovators in engineering plastics recovery



ECRS recovers engineered plastics from production waste streams. Through long term partnerships with it’s customers ECRS can provide for long time availability of single source plastics at constant quality.


Based on the availability of it’s regrinds , and to improve on certain aspects of the specific plastics , ECRS supplies (re)compounds with mechanical and /or chemical properties that are close to virgin properties of the original materials.

Typical products

  • PPGF20
  • PPGF30
  • PA6 GF
  • PA6.6GF
  • ABS(PC)
  • PPT
  • PC

Insights & Resources

From the start ECRS developed, on mechanical basis, processes to recover valuable plastics from production waste. Plastic/ metal combinations including (non)wovens, are typical waste streams that are being handled..

Ourt techniques:

  • Composite separation, e.g. Instrument panels, Door panels, Bumpers, Glove compartments, …
  • Colour separation
  • Compounding/ Regranulation
  • Separation Metals from plastics
  • Shredding/grinding of parts and films
  • Recovery of production Lumps
  • Development of recycling technologies and processes
  • Materials flow management
  • Cradle to Cradle concepts