Eco-Care Innovators in engineering plastics recovery

About us

ECRS has been established in 1998 In Venlo Netherlands.

From a local service company in the early days , ECRS today serves all major OEM’s and (sub)contractors in automotive industry, throughout Europe.

Ecrs offers it’s expertise to the industry as today, concepts like cradle to cradle and sustainability are no longer considered to be nice-to have items but are part of strategies among the global players in industry. In order to meet future demands, design today integrates the right choice for materials and the compatibility hereof at the end of life.

Since it's beginning ecrs concentrated on developing it's own separation techniques providing optimum quality for it's customers.

Today the characteristiques of our regrinds equal the performance of virgin plastic granules where it comes to processability. our recompounds finally give the rheological and mechanical performances that nearly match virgin plastics.

Often discussed are items like dustparticles, metalinclusions and size and shape of regrinds. Over the years all aspects have been optimised to todays unequalled ECRS standard.

  • Founded in 1998
  • Head office in Krefeld (D), a division of EGN mbH, s
  • Throughput of >10,000 tons of composite waste annually
  • Eco-Care specialises in the recovery of engineering plastics from composite waste chiefly from the Automotive Industry and Home Appliances
  • Successful cooperation with OEM and Tier 1 regarding recovery of carriers (PPGF) from Instrument Panels and the like